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Valley Vision Ranch, is a family owned multi-faceted ranch that focuses on serving people with what we've been given.  We believe that local, sustainable farming and agriculture is a must for the future of our world and our health, and we believe we have been called to be part of the solution of healing our land and healing our bodies!  We have many different aspects to what we do.  Chad focuses on horsemanship training and using his horses to manage our land and animals.  Crystal serves people from her kitchen, making and selling hard to find raw products, both cow and goat, and enjoys teaching about the difference of eating raw, living, and organic foods.  We are in essence students ourselves and love to learn how to make what we do better, and how to better steward what has been given to us. With 3 young children of our own, this is imperative and its personal. We invite you to join us on our journey!
Our story:
 In 2009, way before we moved to the ranch we own today, a city friend from Texas told us we reminded her of the farmer featured in the documentary "Food Inc." We had not seen the film and so we smiled unknowingly at each other. A year later we came across the film on Netflix...and that was the beginning. Or maybe we should say that was the end. It was the end of eating at McDonalds'. It was the end of our "free range" chickens being held in a chicken lot. It was the end to traditional farming methods...and it was the beginning of hope for us with our dream of sustainable living. Now it is an honor to be compared to the great Joel Salatin, the featured farmer in the documentary. What he has done for the rest of us paved the way. He showed us healthy, sustainable farming can and should be done! Our cows are fed 100% grass on ecologically friendly maintained pastures...no pesticides and herbicides are sprayed. They are given free choice natural mineral and kelp, and are not given antibiotics nor hormones. Our layer chickens are rotated in our egg-mobile every few days to new fresh grass. Our pastured poultry when raising our broilers, are moved twice a day to fresh grass to raise some of the healthiest chicken meat available. Our milk is never pasteurized and our dairy animals are turned out to fresh grass except while being milked in the stantion. Please enjoy reading more about who we are and what we are about, but even better come and visit the ranch!

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