Apphia Men

We are a team…Ranching Cowboy Husband & City girl turned Rancher Wife. What a DUO! Together we make things exciting!! AND we make exciting things!! What started out as Apphia Jean needed to branch off for the men. With a combined 10+ years research into natural and God-designed life, here we present a Men’s Line for the hardworking man. The cracked-hands need healing. The rough skin needs a refreshing balance. The beards need a Masculine, Sexy softness for their ladies. We use our goat’s milk, only natural ingredients, and 100% essential oils and it’s all made in our home kitchen. This is our continued journey.

Apphia Baby

Everything seems to change when we first become a parent! But one thing remains the same: From the moment we first lay eyes on our new baby till the time they are grown and gone, we want the BEST for our children!! And that means staying far from chemicals, parabens and things that are known carcinogens or encourage skin damage on our kids!! Being a mom of now three children under 8 years old, it’s not only a goal, it’s my calling to take care of what has been entrusted to me. Now I share with you some of my products that I will only use on my own children, some of whom have extremely sensitive skin. No matter how young, these products are safe for our newest little babies and all the way up! We use only natural ingredients, 100% essential oils and it’s all made in my home kitchen. This is my continued journey as Mom.

Apphia Jean

Apphia Jean started as a tiny seed. A thought. A dream. Now, Apphia is one part of Valley Vision Ranch. Apphia Jean is the WOMEN'S LINE of Goat Milk Soaps and Natural Products. In a world saturated with products full of everything unnatural, we lather chemicals, alcohol, mineral oil and parabens on our skin--things meant to preserve and pamper but we believe we are suffering the consequences. We invite you to join us on our journey of excitement and discovery of what was originally Created to preserve our health and promote our healing! We use only natural ingredients, 100% Essential Oils and its all made in our home kitchen. This is my continued journey. This is Apphia Jean.